our services

The following is list of our services is not the exhaustive list of services rendered but an example of some of the services:

1. Health, Safety and Environment Management Consulting
2. Compiling of Safety File for Mining (MHSA) and Construction Sites (OHS Act)
3. Mining Health and Safety Consulting
4. ISO Certification
5. Paving
6. Kerbing
7. Construction of Palisade fence
8. Construction of Gabions
9. Construction of Retaining Walls
10. Construction of V-Drains
11. Construction of Bridges and Culverts
12. Road and Earthworks
13. Concrete and Steel Work
14. Gravel Road Maintenance
15. Installation of Guard Rails
16. Lining
17. Pollution Control Dam
18. Waste Disposal Facility
19. Safety Training
20. Landscaping
21. Professional Engineering Consultant (structural, civil and Architectural)
22. Scaffolding rental/hire

Gond Construction Services Services